Elders on Country

Aims of our Co-creation :
To re-imagine the lore of land.

To de-colonise the law .

To co-create an earth caring and peace loving culture, which both celebrates the ancient ways and adapts the best of the rest.

To promote, apply and cultivate the healing arts in this time of epochal transition.

To reach out to the care takers from all lands to join us in bringing unity and healing to the Earth.

jason freddi
 All Rights Reserved (c) 2018
Mehlbourne, Australia
The object of the game is to TrumpMyTrump.

How Trumped Up are You?

  1. Closing Pine Gap with Peltherre Chris Tomlins
  2. Sitting down with Chilpy
  3. Taking a breather with Gary Simon
  4. All smiles with pitjantjatjara
  5. Lessons with Vincent Forrester
  6. Making plans with John Cavanagh